You Are the Perfect Creation

Tatiana Schloessman
5 min readMar 3, 2023

Knowing that you are the Perfect Creation is essential for building your fit and healthy body.

In this post, I want to share with you how “God’s Perfect Creation” relates to our weight loss and to making the right choices for our bodies: choices about food, exercise, body care, and even relationships. Actually, the level of our fit and healthy bodies depends on our KNOWING of His Perfect Creation.

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I am sure you have come across the line “We were created as perfection,” which includes you. You are The Perfection, too. However, I can see how many might have an issue with that — or be open to it but unable to see it. I get it, because I used to have a hard time accepting that my body (and myself as a human being) are God’s Perfect Creations.

So, are you HIS Perfect Creation? And if so, how do you recognize it and KNOW IT, and most importantly, how can you take ‘advantage’ of it to create your dream body?

When we come into this world, we come as a most innocent and pure creation. Can you find anything “imperfect” about a newborn child? But what happens when, as adults, we forget our true essence and, instead, we judge ourselves for our faults and shortcomings?

You see, yes, God creates only perfection; however, part of HIS perfection is our FREE CHOICE. HE doesn’t create and then seal it with a sticker, “Don’t touch it!” He creates, but He leaves it open for us, through our free choices, to either expand HIS creation or to “shrink” it. Everything we do in our lives is a free choice. It is solely up to you whether you wake up in the morning and do your meditation or get in some workout time before your busy day. It is solely up to you whether you choose to have a “bad food day” because of your boyfriend or a mean, gossiping co-worker. Every time we choose something that doesn’t make us happy or joyful, we “cut off” the connection to our KNOWING who we truly are: His pure and loving Creations. And that is so painful. I am sure you are familiar with the feeling of being small and invisible; that’s the “shrinking” phase, a.k.a. forgetting Who you are.

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We believe we are “punished” for our bad choices. However, it is not the judgment (whether the choices we make are good or bad) that makes us feel unhappy, angry, depressed, or unsatisfied; it is, again, connection or disconnection to the KNOWING of your Perfect Creation. Close your eyes, picture yourself as perfection, and let the feeling of absolute satisfaction with your body infiltrate every cell of your being. Hold into that feeling and picture yourself going to the store. What kind of food will you buy? Will you buy pizza, or will you get some healthy and nutritious food?

Some might say, “Well, if my body is perfect, then I can eat anything I want, and I will never gain weight. Therefore, I will buy only junk food, because that’s what makes me happy. “ Then, my friend, I would say, “You stopped too short.” There is a waaaaays to go because there is a much bigger happiness called JOY and BLISS. You need to keep going deeper until you find pure love. Then, I guarantee you will be able to recognize the difference between the “happiness” gained from eating anything you want while not gaining weight vs. the BLISS of re-remembering Who you are. Truly, there is no comparison.

On those so-called “bad days” when you eat pizza, then some chips, then a sugary drink, then some ice cream…it is not a full stomach (well, ok, it is ALSO a full stomach) or the shameful feelings from making bad food choices that cause us to feel “Imperfect.” It is because, in that heavy food fullness, we forget about our LIGHTness. We get disconnected from the KNOWING of our Light… and that is what feels so heavy and painful and keeps us from seeing that we are the Perfect Creations. However, even in those darkest moments/rooms, surrounded by cardboard pizza covers, empty chip bags, and ice cream containers… we are still Perfect. We just can’t see it because the room is made too dark and heavy by our thoughts.

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As you can see, the KNOWING of your own perfection is crucial if you need to lose weight, get a fit and healthy body, and maintain it for the rest of your life. (Reminder: I am not talking about “diets” here; I am talking about building your own church for your soul, and your mind too. Isn’t it time to live happily ever after?)

Well, you might think, “Ok, I get it, and I see it now: I am a Perfect Creation. But how do I apply that to my everyday life — especially after a not-very-good day?” Let’s say you had a bad argument with your boss, and you are so upset. You decide that a huge hamburger, two large fries, and a huge soda drink will calm your anger and solve the issue.

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Going back to God’s Perfection: What do you feel when you hold that newborn child? It is pure and unconditional LOVE. Thus, perfection is LOVE. Your HOME is LOVE. When you are HOME you feel, and you are LOVE. Instead of driving to McDonald’s, drive HOME. I know it is hard to feel love in the midst of anger. I get it. I know it is hard to see and find something in a dark place. However, remember about the expansion of your creation: choices under the influence of Love will always expand your creation. Choices under the influence of fear and anger will shrink your creation (and your world too), and on top of it, the next day… well, we all know the feelings we wake up with when those bad days turn into bad nights.

Therefore, always remember to make a choice under the influence of Love, and you will become as good of an artist as HE IS!

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