How Effective are Those “Upgraded” Diets?

Tatiana Schloessman
4 min readFeb 10, 2023

Have you gotten yourself stuck in a never-ending search for a better and more effective diet than the last one you tried? Do you find yourself scrolling through those fit and energetic influencers’ Instagram accounts that recommend THE ONE diet, or perhaps the account of your high school enemy who just shed 20 lbs. with the ‘secret’ diet?

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I wonder when we will all finally realize that we have just been going in circles with these diets. The more we diet using the newest “upgraded” diet plan, the heavier we become as a society. Why? Think about it. Just because a diet claims to be “New” or “Upgraded” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “Different.” Diets are still diets, and after dieting, you are still the same person on the inside. Nothing truly changes.

Therefore, if you want a new, upgraded body, the process must begin with YOUR choice to actively upgrade yourself — not the diet. Otherwise, you will never get out of that wishing circle.

What does it mean to “upgrade” YOU? It means:

  1. Upgraded approach: Dig deeper and let go of superficial shortcuts that are short-lived. Instead of setting your goal as losing 15 lbs., set your goal to be growing your heart and genuinely loving yourself, your body, and your life. Just think about how your daily routines, habits, and schedule would change if tomorrow, instead of planning to lose a particular amount of weight, your plan was to love your body and your life. In practical daily life, you would eagerly get up in the morning and work out because you’d know how energized and alive you feel after each workout. You would have a salad for lunch because you’d know how good you feel after you eat a healthy meal. You see, changing your goal from losing weight to loving your body and yourself removes the pressure and anxiety to achieve your desired body.
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2. Upgraded commitment: Instead of using self-discipline or willpower (which are always breakable), use your unconditional love and respect for yourself. No matter how tired we moms are, when our children cry at night, we get up and take care of them. Only unconditional love can do this. Use the same love for yourself, and you will never miss your workouts.

3. Upgraded passion: Passion doesn’t necessarily have to be loud. Passion can silently show up, for example, in how you prepare your workout clothes the night before, search YouTube for new workout videos, and plan your healthy meals ahead of time.

4. Upgraded “source”: What drives you? What is your source of desire for a fit and healthy body? By now, you know very well that fitting into that special dress or making everyone jealous at the reunion are lame sources of motivation. Those events will come and go. So, is there a ‘source’ that will never fade away and which never runs out of energy (juice)? Yes, there is! And I consider this to be the most important upgrade if you finally want to change your body and your life forever. Your upgraded source is Divine Love, or the desire to better yourself so you can connect to your Creator as much as possible. When your source becomes your Bliss, your life will become everything you have wished for and dreamed about. Therefore, it is not about your size, but it is always about your source. There are women with skinny bodies but without upgraded sources who still chase their happy dream lives.

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It is time for your UPGRADE! Your body, your love, your relationship, your job, and your life — they all deserve it.

If you are finally sick and tired of searching for a new diet upgrade, stop wasting your time and energy. Today, the first thing you can do is start the new “upgraded” YOU by connecting to your Core Values. Those Core Values will connect you to your upgraded source. And how do you do that? Click here to claim your free gift: your pre-start to your desired body upgrade, which will guide you through the first “MUST” of your Upgraded YOU!

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