How does your pleasure level impact your body weight?

Tatiana Schloessman
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Without fail, around the 5th week of my Heavenly Body Formula coaching program, the same question arises among the women in each group: “Well, now I know I deserve a healthy and fit body, but don’t I also deserve some joy and fun? Don’t I deserve some wine, a Snickers bar, or a whole pizza?”

I am fascinated every time this subject pops up because it always happens right around the 5th week of the program. It is very interesting — and I will explain in a moment why the subject always comes up around the same time. But first, let me use our own personal growth as human beings as an example.

When we play in the sandbox at preschool, our pleasure and joy come from possessing as many of the sand toys as possible, regardless of whether we make others sad by stealing their toys. In elementary school, once we have closer friends, we begin to care more about them, so we are willing to share our things (or even if we are unwilling, we still do it) because we realize that when our friends are happy, we are happy too. As teenagers, we discover new pleasures: food and drinks (and yes, unfortunately, drugs too, let’s be honest about it!). And if we continue developing our pleasures as adults, we realize there is an even bigger and much deeper level of joy and satisfaction to be found: self-LOVE.

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As our pleasure grows, so does its length, and its impact also increases. When you steal a sand toy from your preschool friend, your joy only lasts for a very short while until the teacher gives the toy back to your friend. Pleasurable experiences of excessive drinking or eating during the teenage years last a whole night — but the following day, there is only one word to describe what we go through, and it is “misery.” (We have all done it so no additional details are necessary.)

However, if you continue developing your personal pleasure, you will soon be searching for a pleasure that lasts much longer and comes with much better “consequences.” (Actually, as we get older, we get smarter, and we tire of consequences — we want rewards, not consequences.)

So, what is the pleasure that lasts as long as we want and comes with the sweetest reward? It is self-LOVE: being in love with yourself and your body (please note that I am NOT talking about narcissistic love). When you are in Love with your body and respect it, all you want to do is to make your body healthy, fit, and happy; there is no way you would ever want to harm or abuse it by overeating or over-drinking.

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Just tell me, which one brings the longest-lasting and most rewarding pleasure:

1. Stealing your friend’s toy?

2. Sharing (not very willingly) your belongings?

3. Excessive drinking and overeating?

4. Respecting and taking care of your body (like eating healthy and exercising)?

See, as you keep growing in your personal life (career, relationships, family, etc.), your personal pleasure also grows. Overindulging in parties, junk, unhealthy food, or anything that harms your body doesn’t satisfy you any longer, because your bar for pleasure is much higher than it used to be.

So, why does this topic pop up around the 5th week of the Heavenly Body program? Because after one month of inner transformation, women start facing those challenging obstacles which are the exact reasons they signed up for the program (typically emotional eating). See, the Heavenly Body Formula is not a program that makes the challenges disappear; it is THE program that transforms you to overcome them. How do you overcome these challenges? How do you stop responding to your life situations by emotional eating? You raise the bar and become unapologetically selfish about satisfying your HIGHEST pleasure.

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And this is my answer to my clients’ dilemma: which is more fun and results in the greatest pleasure? Is it a Healthy Body, or overindulging in food and alcohol? Well, which lasts longer and gives you the greatest rewards, not consequences? As long as you keep your NEW, fully developed PLEASURE BAR high, there is nothing wrong with short-term, lower-level pleasures every once in a while. See, this High Pleasure is addictive. Once you taste the sweetness of the HIGHER PLEASURE, your body will keep craving it and push you back up to the HIGHER BAR.

How does it feel to experience the HIGHEST PLEASURE in your everyday life? You wake up early in the morning and take joy in your coffee and meditation. Then, after your “kick-butt” workout and shower, you put your clothes on and look in the mirror. You can’t stop smiling, because let’s face it: “Damn, you look good!”

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And you continue with your day: eating healthy, drinking water, doing your job and tasks with optimal performance, etc. Your Inner LIGHT and outside CHARM are irresistible. And then… your HIGH PLEASURE grows even Higher. Your radiance and LIGHT start influencing others. Your LOVE for yourself will overflow onto others. Your loving, helping, guiding nature will give you so much more ecstasy than a whole night of binging.

So, how high is your pleasure bar? What drives your pleasure? Is it a “one-night stand” with your carton of ice cream, or is it, Eternal Love?

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