Rules I Hold Myself to for a Healthy + Fit Body

Tatiana Schloessman
5 min readFeb 17, 2023

I would say that the most frequent question clients ask me at the Discovery Session is, “So, how do you do it?” This question always comes right after I tell clients that they could lock me into a room full of cupcakes and ice cream, but I wouldn’t take a single bite — and without using a single ounce of willpower or self-discipline.

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So how do I do it? (And of course, the more pressing question is, how can YOU do it?)

I do it by respecting and loving my body unconditionally. Would you ever betray your own child for a cupcake or ice cream? Of course not! When you love your body as you do your precious child, you will never betray it.

“Ok, great,” they reply. “But how do I get to the point at which I love and respect my body THAT much?”

Well, the process is not an instant transformation, but a journey. This journey includes keeping these 7 Heavenly Body Commandments:

1. Don’t accept less than you are worth: Always consider your food intake to be a valuable deposit into your Health Bank Account. If the food has a cheap value, do not accept it. You deserve a much higher value in the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins with which you’re nourishing your one and only body. You demonstrate the value you’ve placed upon your own body by what you allow into your body. Refuse to eat anything that reflects less than your self-worth!

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2. Think about your body as an investment: You need to invest in your body every day by cultivating healthy sleep habits, eating nutritious food, and working out. Without investment, there is no growth. Be honest. How are you currently investing in your body? Do you realize that your body is in the business of making money? Think about it: if your body is not healthy and fit, you can’t produce to your highest potential. What would happen to your career, your life, your health, and your happiness if you “kicked it up a notch” by working out and eating healthier foods?

3. If you don’t like your situation, change it: Don’t let the outside world (a relationship, a job, an ex, insufficient time for working out) shape your body. Sadly, living life in tolerance of a negative situation and hoping it will someday change (along with your body shape and size) is a waste. What if “someday” never comes? Are you one of those people who puts off their dreams in the hopes that someday they’ll have the body they’ve always wanted and finally begin to live the life of their dreams? Make a plan to change your situation and give it a deadline.

4. Create your morning routine: My day would not be successful without my morning routine. Mine consists of a cup of coffee (yes, coffee ranks higher than meditation — I am still a work in progress!), meditation/journaling, and working out. I can’t adequately stress the importance of following a morning routine and sticking to it every day.

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5. Focus on what makes you unique: Become your own personal brand. What would you do with your life if you were finally able to achieve your ideal body shape and size? That answer is that you would reveal your talent and the uniqueness that is waiting to come out into the Light. I will tell you this: there is no greater satisfaction than taking care of your body so you can ultimately create something wonderful to share with the world. And this joyful satisfaction craves only healthy food.

6. Find a purpose greater than your body: I always tell my clients that my goal is to eventually make them stop focusing on their bodies. Your daily thoughts shouldn’t be focused on food intake, calorie counting, or stressing over your workouts. Your thoughts should be about your higher purpose, and believe me, your dream body will follow you to your higher purpose.

7. Plug in: I call it “plugged in” when a person is connected to their God/ Higher Self. When we fail to “plug in,” we become disconnected, which shows up in the form of a short temper, agitation, sadness, self-doubt, anger, and depression. You must plug in daily by reading a spiritual book (10 minutes is enough) and listening to spiritual podcasts or YouTube videos (you can even do it while driving) to stimulate your spiritual growth.

If you consistently follow these 7 Heavenly Body Commandments, I promise you, you will transform into a woman who loves and respects her body — and that love will never fail to protect you from all the tempting, unhealthy foods in that room full of cupcakes!

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Your life is too precious and too short to wait for the perfect day to get the perfect body. Don’t get comfortable in a “velvet coffin” (the body with which you are unhappy but which you accept anyway because you think it is in your destiny and your genes). That coffin is going to close on you soon. Yes, it is made of soft velvet, but it is a coffin! GET OUT!


In my Heavenly Body Formula coaching sessions, you will learn these 7 Commandments and so many more tools and habits that will autopilot your healthy self-care routine. Your workouts will become fun and easy to do, and healthy food choices will come naturally without any struggle.

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